Minivans are typically designed for maximum interior volume — and are taller than a sedan, hatchback or a station wagon. MPVs are usually between 1,600–1,800 m. The rear overhang may be short as in a hatchback or long like in station wagons, changing the boot vs seat balance – the first option is more common in smaller minivans and the second in large minivans. Seats are located higher than in lower cars, giving passengers a more upright posture and leaving more legroom. Larger MPVs usually feature three seat rows, with two or three seats each: 2-3-2, 2-2-3 or 2-3-3 (front to rear) are the most common seating configurations. MPVs may have seats, either benches or individual seats, that are designed to be relocated, removed, folded partially (on-floor) or folded completely under-floor — allowing variable seating capacity and cargo room. 

  • Starting From € 45.00
    Dacia Logan MCV MPV-Minivan

    Dacia Logan MCV - 7 seats.

    Manual Transmission
    Air Conditioning
    4/5 Doors
    7 seats
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